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Comparison and Possible Extension Option

Detailed Comparison

(1) The preliminary estimate of walking time to and fro at-grade walkway and platform of elevated station is about 3 to 4 minutes
(2) Mainly the cost of viaducts and elevated stations construction
(3) At section of frequent bus services, pedestrians may need to cross the road by using footbridge
Remarks: The design of EFTS, including the above preliminary estimate of journey time and preliminary capital cost estimate, will be subject to review in next stage of the Study.

Possible Extension to Tin Shui Wai North

In order to facilitate Tin Shui Wai North residents travelling to/from various employment zones, community, leisure and retail facilities in HSK/HT NDA, as well as connection with West Rail stations, we will explore the feasibility of extending EFTS to Tin Shui Wai North.